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FUZED offers businesses the most relevant data from the best providers for a given location. Integrating our platform allows you to add value to your customers and drive revenue through your existing traffic; links from our international partners are affiliated such that you earn commission when sales are fulfilled via your integration. All our APIs follow the FUZED format, so regardless of the data provider, the response structure will be standardized!




Data providers



Are you a data-provider? Let's work together to expand your reach.


The centerpiece of our platform is designed to enable businesses to unlock new revenue streams through the locations they show users! The best part, its free for businesses to use.


Offer relevant offerings to your users like hotel room bookings, event tickets, tours and much more! Earn commission on each sale you make. You will have access to just under two million Affiliate actions from around the world.


If your user is looking at one of your locations, help them get there using Transit Actions! Deliver prices, ETAs and deep-links for taxi services like Uber or offer deep-links into the most popular transit applications.


Details about locations around the world, which includes regions, are cataloged in many data-providers; these includes Foursquare, Yelp, Wikipedia and more. We bring all of these details together and greatly increase the ease with which they can be accessed! Location Intelligence - Details delivers both basic and rich information about locations, gathered from trusted data-providers.

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